Data collection on Mechanical Turk

I got together with a couple of my co-workers at the RAND Corporation and we did a study on Mechanical Turk. It got accepted on the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco Annual Meeting (2015).

What: Consumer Perceptions of E-cigarettes: A comparison of Smokers and Non-Smokers in a Mechanical Turk Sample

Tools: Custom made data collection tool using PHP Symfony, Doctrine on MySQL, and Python/boto for automating the payments and HIT publishing.

Winter Break with Google App Engine, Google Web Toolkit, ZSI.

For winter break I decided to test some things that I've had in the back log for a while. These things are Google App Engine, Google Web Toolkit, ZSI.

I really like the new technologies that Google is implementing. I personally aren't a fan of javascript, and the way they have managed to hide a lot of it through the use of GWT is amazing, and can actually make you more productive.

Embedding Python in C++

Adding python scripting capabilities to your code is an interesting thing to do, it can help you enhance an application without as much hard work. This is just an example on how to use code from memory as part of your program.


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