Windows Kernel Audio Piping

Well lately I have been busy working on a small driver for the windows kernel. The point of it from the start was to capture the data sent to the wave out and pipe it in as if it came from the microphone. What for? Well I did not have a microphone back then and I wanted to communicate through Skype and I wanted to write to the text to speech engine and send it as my robotic voice of sort. Unfortunately I did not have enough time or patience to achieve it till now. I have just recently finished it and it works just as intended.

EVE Hub & Corporate Management

Added EVE Hub & Corporate Management as it is a small application some of my EVE Online Corporation members use to manage their characters and market operations.

It is a small C# application that uses the EveAI library and a simple Access Database.

Debian AMI bootstrap on EC2 with EBS

Today I am going to describe, as detailed as possible, a way how to bootstrap a Debian Squeeze system AMI. I am going to go quite slowly and I am going to base off other work done previously which ill reference in due time. Anyways hands on.

Kernel module for a push button on the OMNIFlash

During the maze embedded ARM robot project we needed an encoder to be able to calculate the distance the robot moved in order to generate a map that could be navigated properly.

Unfortunately we couldnt place a sensor near the wheels so we had to rely instead in a hacked solution using a push button. With this module we could calculate the distance by counting the amount
of times the button was pushed. We attached the button near the axis of the wheel and whenever it passed over it clicked it.


I am currently working on the migration from my former host. Also among other things I am playing around with Amazon EC2 using the micro image to run a virtual private server. It is funky for sure.

Today for instance I am uploading a bundled image of Debian I created to an S3 bucket following the step by step guides I found:

Create EC2Image

New beginning

Well it finally ended. Graduated from the MBA in Finances so now I'm able to go back and do what I like the most which is writing code and trying on new technologies. I moved the site to a proper content management system which in this case it is Drupal. It is not the friendliest of them but suffice to say it is powerful and since I got involved in a project with it I learned how to operate it and write modules for it.


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