New beginning

Well it finally ended. Graduated from the MBA in Finances so now I'm able to go back and do what I like the most which is writing code and trying on new technologies. I moved the site to a proper content management system which in this case it is Drupal. It is not the friendliest of them but suffice to say it is powerful and since I got involved in a project with it I learned how to operate it and write modules for it.

So what is new in the horizon. Back to freelancing! I found new toys too! For instance, Amazon EC2 is just mind bogglingly awesome. The so called Cloud will really reshape the world and it is just the beginning. It somehow feels the way Internet was viewed in 1993 when I started, something obscure and just glanced over but I think it has about as much potential. I really do believe it, specially from a financial perspective spending on hardware that goes obsolete is dumb for every company, it really will make the bottom line look healthier.

Anyways I hope to get something interesting to report code wise while I work on a few projects for, well, sustenance.