New Books

I recently bought a few books. One of them is Essential COM by Don Box.
I can only be in awe, what a fantastic book. COM is the component object
model and is a way to enhance Object Oriented programming through the use of
interfaces. It is similar to Java's implements keyword in that sense.
However, describing what COM exactly is would require a few hundred of pages.

Another book that recently arrived is COM and .NET interoperability
by Andrew Troelsen. I figure, I love COM and if I can combine it
with .NET, even better. The simplicity of winforms intertwined with the power of COM.
Andrew Trolsen's style of writing is very comprehensive and to the point, with good practical examples.
This is the second book I get written by him, the other I've got is COM & ATL 3.0.
That one is the book that introduced me to COM. The book is available online for free
if you prefer to read in electronic form (I don't). Get it from The Server Side .NET.

Finally I ordered Petzold's (Windows SDK canon text) off Amazon. I figure
I could leverage my complete windows understanding. I should've read this
book a long time ago.

Yes. I do love Amazon.